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Gratitude to all supporters of the ATMChain global community and investors:

According to the Chinese government's ICO regulatory requirements, the ATMChain Foundation issued a coin announcement on September 5 for the ATMChain Chinese investors and began to accept the investor refund application.

It should be noted that the ICO strategy as below:The ATM offered to the public will be unfrozen gradually. 1/6 ATMs will be unfrozen every 30 days. This ICO rule is automatically executed by a smart contract which deployed on Blockchain . Due to the technical characteristics of the Blockchain , no one could interfere with or modify the contract after the contract is deployed. Therefore, the process of reimbursement must be implemented in six stages, you could apply for the current issue of ATM.

After the wisdom of ATMChain foundation assess the technology and business situation carefully, ATMChain Foundation made the following coin rules for users who direct invest Chinese official website as below:

1.Users who direct invest Chinese official website to apply for the latest deadline is September 17, 2017;

2.After each receipt of the system's ATM tokens, you need to send the received ATM tokens to the following designated account: 0x1859098606c845183FdbF7fB5e2689d67A464BBd, and e-mail informs us to carry out token forwarding via email :

Your name

Your contact Number:

Your address for the investment in ICO :

ATM amount carry out this round (1/6):

ATM address carry out this round (1/6):

3.After ATMChain Foundation received your mail, ATMChain Foundation will check the contents of the message and the Blockchain on the ATM information carefully, if correct, ATMChain Foundation will deal with your account within 10 working days:


1.ATMChain Foundation will return the ETH to return the original route to your ICO address;

2.Based on the number of ATM tokens that you have returned this time and your investment quota, ATMChain Foundation will calculate the number of ETH returned, as shown below:

refund ATM tokens / The total amount of ATM you have raised * The number of ETH you have invested in

Attention: You could not refund the total number of ATM tokens that you have received.(For example, you could not get the ATM through this way through other ways)

In addition, ATMChain Foundation is working closely with Chinese ICO platform to handle the return of funds from investors who participated in these platforms. Until now, ICO platform investors have been basically completed the return of funds with the collaborate with ICO platforms.

ATMChain Foundation believes that this project will have a broad application scenario and will continue to advance R & D and community work on the existing basis. Recent developments and follow-up plans for the Chilean chain are as follows:

1.ATMChain is listed on the international online trading platform on August 16, 2017, and will be listed on the European digital currency trading platform within a week for ATM trading.

2.ATMChain has applied for copyrights in China, Switzerland, Dubai, Japan, and the Republic of Korea and will soon be listed on local trading platforms in these countries. Please stay tuned.

3.Rfintech-Bilur has completed its equity replacement with ATMChain and will soon launch ATMChain as its secondary currencies around the world.

4.ATM is a blockchain-based application.The tokens will beused in ATMChain international project not only as a digital currency but also in many different applications; It was put into use in Europe this August in the health care and pharmaceutical sector, as well as the media and advertising industry. It has been recognized by Swiss Federal Science and Technology Association and a contract has been signed with the Spanish Ministry of Health. Some banks and other financial institutions have also signed agreements to fund ATMChain. First in Spain in health industry: doctors, hospitals, laboratories etc. The focus is not only trading digital currency but main focus is to apply the tokens in the ATMChain ecosystem in the international market.ATM also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with RTI, a state-owned enterprise of Russia on August 16 and the ATM application will be put into use in the ministries of health, mass media, and transportation of the country.

5.Integrating Bilur (e-commodity associated to energy) in the ATMChain ecosystem will give the investors the possibility to have their token accepted in the banking system. Bilur is an existing e-commodity associated with energy that is recognized to be used directly in the banking system. It is registered in Vienna stock market linked to two banks in Spain (Banco Santander and ING Direct banks)

6.ATM 50 million euros of funds proved today was officially secured by the the pledge of financial securities.

If you have any questions about the reimbursement process or the future development of ATMChain, you could send an e-mail to: and we will give you a detailed answer.

ATMChain Foundation embraces regulatory measures in various countries and believes that only the regulatory presence will lead to a more healthy and sustainable environment of Blockchain. we would like to thank all supporters of our global community. We will do be better in the future. Thank you.


Chairman of ATM Foundation,USAMA