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ATMChain INVITED THERE!——"MEET the BLOCKCHAIN ELITE" | DECENT 1st Annual Unchained Blockchain Conference

DECENT's 1st Annual "Unchained" Blockchain Conference in November 6th successfully completed in Hongkong. ATMChain was invited as an internationally famed blockchain project.



At this summit, ATMChain core developers Mr. Wang Xin and Mr. Liu Feng attended the conference on behalf of the ATMChain project. At the same time, Mr. Wang Xin delivered a speech at the meeting.The speech mainly focused on two aspects. Firstly, Mr. Wang gave a detailed introduction to the ATMChain project and gave an in-depth analysis of the project concept of ATMChain and its application in the industry and development prospects. Secondly, he looked to future of cooperation the ATMChain project and DECENT project.


See how powerful this conference is:

This conference is a internal meeting. It exclusive invited 120 heavyweight guests, brought together the blockchain industry VIPs, pioneers, VCs, exchange leaders, payment solutions experts and senior media people. And at this summit, a number of projects will be announced to show the audience the latest look of DECENT's ecology.


See how powerful DECENT is:

DECENT project was born in 2015. It combined the blockchain and content distribution technology as the bottom layer protocol and completely open source. The ATMChain project is based on this bottom layer technology. The product of ATMChain project has been shaped to realize the open and mutual trust P2P cooperation mode. And it realize the multi-party cooperation contract in the system and the autonomous operation of automatic transaction division by the intelligent contract technology.ATMChain, serving as an intelligent, reliable, open digital media ecology, develops “BlockChain + Media” strategy creatively and explores economic value of attention and digitalizes media assets value in order to create first-class digital media culture ecology.