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ATMChain is invited to participate in the "Fifth Global Economic Development Forum" held in Germany, the German summit

September 29, the fifth global economic development forum "along the way" German summit will be held in Leafa, Germany. The president of the ATMChain Foundation, 'Usama', was invited to attend the summit as a lecture at the invitation of the "One Way" Global Economic Forum. In this summit, Usama will make a detailed introduction about ATMChain project and the outlook of the Blockchain.

The summit is host by the German government of Lafayette, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry IHK . "New Silk Road, New Economy and New Culture" is the theme and "cooperation, sharing and win-win" is the goal. This summit is divided into three major forums: investment and new energy, enterprise innovation and industry 4.0, economy and trade. Each forum focus on the new industry incubation (block chain application), new energy and industrial manufacturing, culture and tourism, economic and trade, investment and financing markets and other five trends to discuss the theme. By then, there will be more than 200 Sino-German enterprises to "face to face" negotiations, and more than 30 international and domestic mainstream media in-depth comprehensive coverage.

The ATMChain Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocacy and advocacy for the development, construction and governance transparency of ATMChain. The ATMChain is a secure, highly reliable chain-chain network with digital media distribution channels. Relying on the media screen for the terminal, in the user, media operators, media customers to establish a chain of trust between. ATMChain create "block chain + media" strategy, in-depth attention to economic value, the practice of the value of digital media assets by innovation.

2017 is the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany.Under the leadership of the times and national policy, the summit is far-reaching.The summit has a significant impact on deepening Sino-German business cooperation, promoting economic development between the two countries, and realizing the landing of science and technology projects. The Chairman of the ATMChain Foundation was invited to give a speech at the summit, at the same time as ATMChain itself will also provide more opportunities for the project to help the ATMChain project in the international area.