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ATMChain September Monthly Report

Part I:Monthly R & D content

Project Initing
Project management: Project Initing, project development planing
Blockchain Development: Ethermint Maturity Assessment, Quorum Automation Script Preparation
August 30, 2017

Demand consolidation, task division
Server development: Technical architecture design
Blockchain development: User case division , development tasks division
September 1, 2017

Internal and external interface design
Server development: API interface definition
Blockchain Development: Document Writing for Smart Contract Design
September 5, 2017

Overall architecture design
Server Development: System Architecture Design
Blockchain development: Cloud environment configuration and initiation, smart contract API interface design
September 17, 2017

Function module detailed design
Server development: System function module detailed design
Blockchain development: Smart contract code is completed, in the Etherum testnet for functional testing
September 20, 2017

Design review, patent preparation
Server development: API interface to confirm the development of the division of tasks
Development of Blockchain: Preparation of the first edition of invention patent
September 9, 2017

Customer resource docking
Project management: Customer resources docking, progress communication
Server development: API interface design, Web framework and two-dimensional code function development, WeChat public platform platform docking
Blockchain development: Quorum communication anomaly problem analysis, smart contract API interface development
September 11, 2017

Software development
Server development: Function management page development, database development, WeChat public platform number page development
Blockchain Development: Quorum Problem Locate and circumvent, complete create user, balance query API interface development
September 14, 2017

Overall functional testing
Project management: Development progress communication, plan store field experience
Server development: Database function test, ATM function test, user documentation
Blockchain Development: Complete all API interface development, test the Raft Consensus
September 15, 2017

Function display and optimization
Server development: Complete all the functional development, Blockchain integration test, user documentation
Blockchain Development: Asynchronous Notification Mechanism Problem Optimization, Blockchain Browser Demo
September 20, 2017

Stage review and summary
Project Management: Phase 1 Review
Server development: Performance optimization, bug fixes
Blockchain Development: Smart Contract Demo, Smart Contract Automated Test Deployment Planning
September 22, 2017

 pdf link reference as below:

ATMChain Development Monthly Report.pdf


Part II:Business docking content

One,Cooperate oversea content:

ATM overseas market layout framework

1.Through the Chinese businessmen, we will held speech conference in eight countries .

2.Chinese embassies abroad, foreign local science and technology department, chamber of commerce. 

3.Cooperate with local enterprises to carry out resource and technical cooperation, ATMChain foundation will visit the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, Britain, France, New Zealand.

4.Working with LCG, let Bilur and ATM on the electronic futures sector and 58 international edition, also registered in Switzerland.

5.Introduce technical staff on a global scale (10-15 home). And the United States, Germany, Switzerland block chain company reached an agreement.

6.Three months on the line 30 international exchange (token-token, bonds)


Two,Application landing and international business reference pdf as below:

1.ATMChain community landing application

2.ATMChain international business development diagram

  pdf link reference as below:

ATMChain Community Landing.pdf


Part III, the developing ATMChain browser reference pdf

  pdf link reference as below:

ATMChain Browse.pdf