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“Norway-China Innovation Investment Week" is about to grand opening ATMChain will be invited to attend the event as an internationally well-known blockchain project

“Norway-China Innovation Investment Week" is about to grand opening in November 20th.ATMChain will be invited to attend the event as an internationally well-known blockchain project.


The event was organized by the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the Norwegian Business Association in China, the Norwegian Investment Agency and the Norwegian Innovation Agency. The event was organized with the theme "Green economy in transition" Which lasted for five days. The venue covers Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other three cities. Ali, Huawei and many other well-known enterprises will be invited to attend the meeting. By then, many high-quality enterprises, investment institutions, industry experts will be together, cooking a feast of ideas, creating a co-operation of the temple.


The event aims to build a bridge connecting Norwegian companies with Chinese companies. During the event Norwegian companies which with environmental technology, environmental solutions, sustainable technology solutions and financial technology will be in-depth exchange with Chinese companies to seek opportunities for cooperation. Norwegian first-class consultants, analysts and investors will also commit with China experts. In addition, the activities of the trip also includes inspect projects in the Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai and other cities, including China's environmental technology, financial and technological aspects of the ecological environment.In order to understand China's current rapid and complex development situation for the Norwegian and Chinese enterprises to cooperate with the development of science and technology to provide assistance.


The governance model of ATMChain is centered on the Swiss ATMChain foundation and AMTChain community will take responsibility of managing it. The Swiss ATMChain foundation is a non-profit organization and establishes corresponding institutions in various countries and regions around the world. The Swiss ATMChain Foundation is committed to promoting development and transparent governance of the ATMChain, and enhancing the security and harmonious development of open-source ecological society.


ATMChain, serving as an intelligent, reliable, open digital media ecology, develops “Block Chain + Media” strategy creatively and explores economic value of attention and digitalizes media assets value in order to create first-class digital media culture ecology.ATMChain is not only a business model, but also a new trustable ecology.