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R & D in ATMChain (Till 10.13.2017)

Product System


ATMChain DApplication:

1.ATMChain in the live industry floor design and discussion, research live cooperation ecology and block chain combination of innovative models

2. ATMChain docking with the external technical team, with the external cooperation technology team docking intellectual media chain in another technology framework to achieve


1. The current wallet project team has completed the first phase of the development of the wallet, based on the ether square platform all ERC20 token storage and trading functions.

2. Wallet design to multi-currency, multi-language architecture, to facilitate the subsequent project iterative development. Is expected by the end of October to complete the first phase of the development version of the English version of the listing work.


1. Based on the chain of land to ensure that the right to modify and improve the program has been completed.

2. Switzerland drug traceability needs discussion and program discussion output, the demand will be carried out on the basis of chain, the current program in the analysis of output.

3. Storage chain declaration in the high scientific and technological achievements appraisal material output, the current draft material has been output, in the internal review process.


Blockchain Technology:


1, ATMChain contract continuous integration verification environment establishment, (DCA standard) trusted block chain certification indicators study and test program preparation

2, the study of ether square PoA consensus mechanism principle and source code and deployment of the test

3, to understand the basic principles of lightning network, compile raiden source code, prepare the lightning network operating environment

4, the development of intellectual media chain based on web3js1.0 API interface, integrated testing. Research on the base tower base p2p network class kademlia protocol

5, research tracking the latest version of the fabric, test version 1.0.3 script, think of land right to the project

6, installation and commissioning based on zstack intellectual media chain to run the physical environment, tracking and research system monitoring maintainability.


International resource docking:


1.Japanese community Chamber of Commerce to communicate, and achieved positive results. 

2.Swiss drug traceability related project resources contact, docking both sides of the initial recognition of ideas.

3.Swiss roadshow will be held on the 15th Berne. 

4.”Germany The Belt and Road" the German roadshow has been completed.