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R & D in ATMChain (Till 9.15.2017)




1.First version of The ATM Platform Smart contract part will be finish, currently our process is in the testing phase.

2. The blockchain framework is deployed using the EEA framework  QUORUM to complete the first phase of the PoC which to achieve advertising business information on chain and the ads automatically divided by smart contract.

3. The first MVP version of the interface is designed for non-smart contracts parts.

4.The source of Smart contract will be opening at the end of the month in Github.



1. ATMChain business process is docking with digital media screen.

2.The patent of Attention Economic Model compiled.


Global Resource Docking:

1. ATMChain team is docking with Swiss Federation of Science and Technology. The Swiss Embassy in China next Thursday with the ambassador to discuss and to promote ATMChain which hope to landing in Switzerland.

2. Europe - Rbex to landing this week and on-line.

3.Russian state-owned Rostech show that all-round cooperation actively and reached a strategic cooperation consensus.