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“The First Sino-French cross-border E-Commerce Summit” was successfully held ATMChain was invited to discuss the applications of ATMChain in cross-border e-commerce

On October 30, “The First Sino-French cross-border E-Commerce Summit”was held in Paris, France, and the meeting was successfully closed. Former French Prime Minister Raffarin attended the summit and delivered a speech. ATMChain Project was invited to attend and Mr. Osama, President of the ATMChain Foundation, attended the summit and delivered a lecture on the project.


The summit is held under the guidance of Business France and Paris Chamber of Commerce.  “Xineurope” E.CAN. Inc, the largest internet platform in Europe, and Youzan Corporation which is one of leading firms in Chinese E-Commence jointly organize this event. The summit takes "establishing professional network platform, seeking solutions, meeting with industry experts, forming long-term development" as the goal.


This summit incorporates theme of online shopping in French creatively and brings many industry elites together so as to provide a satisfying platform for participants and guarantee a better communication. More than 200 top managers from Chinese and France firms or representatives from national institutions and around 580 industry experts. Besides, representatives coming from more than 100 cross-border E-Commerce firms, 100 plus suppliers, more than 50 E-Commerce service enterprises attend this summit. In addition, there will be more than 20 Chinese and France news media to have a detailed coverage.


During the summit, Mr. Osama, Chairman of the ATMChain Foundation, delivered the first speech as the recipient.Foundation Chairman Osama in the product management and ecological strategy, product and production and research cooperation, development goals, and many other aspects of the ATMChain global development strategy. He said that through the integration of resources, innovative technology and other means, ATMChain community will be committed to building a global leading international digital alliance. At the summit, a number of companies expressed strong interest in the ATMChain project and had further communication with Mr. Osama after the meeting to seek more cooperation. As an internationally renowned chain projects, ATMChain will provide a huge benefit by China-France cross-border electricity business transactions.


ATMChain, serving as an intelligent, reliable, open digital media ecology, develops “Block Chain + Media” strategy creatively and explores economic value of attention and digitalizes media assets value in order to create first-class digital media culture ecology.


As an applied technology based on block chain technology, ATMChain provides free access to digital media information, setup and execution of smart contract, automatic ledger, putting data on chain, data query and other processes. For investors, ATMChain is not only a business model, but also a new trustable ecology.


The governance model of ATMChain is centered on the Swiss ATMChain foundation and AMTChain community will take responsibility of managing it. The Swiss ATMChain foundation is a non-profit organization and establishes corresponding institutions in various countries and regions around the world. The Swiss ATMChain Foundation is committed to promoting development and transparent governance of the ATMChain, and enhancing the security and harmonious development of open-source ecological society.


As the first to incorporate overseas online shopping theme, this cross-border e-commerce summit shall have a profound influence on the development of cross-border e-commerce and economic growth between China and French. By exploiting its advantages and technical innovation, ATMChain will promote the applications of ATMChain in cross-border e-commerce and globalization strategy so as to allow ATMChain to have a healthy and rapid growth.